Rat Proofing Your Home: How To Deal With Recurring Rodent Problem

Experiencing rats and mice infestation is a common problem for most households. However, if you start to notice that the same problem keeps coming back even after you’ve flushed the rodents out of your house, then you are missing one critical step in the process. That is, you need to stop them from coming back to your homes.

Rats are very destructive to the value of your property. Their sharp teeth can virtually take on anything an average home throws at it. These rampaging rodents can chew your pricey furniture instantly reducing its resell value to zero. On top of that, these creatures can bring in diseases and are potential health risks if left untreated.

While the knee-jerk reaction for the average homeowner is to get rid of the problem and forget about it unless it comes back, you should play the game more intelligently. After the best way to avoid potential reruns of your rodent issue is to rat-proof your house.


Seal Off Entry Points

How did the rats get inside your house in the first place? You might not be able to block off all possible entry points totally, but at least you don’t have to make it easier for these rodents to enter. Check the fit of your windows and doors. Trim tree branches near your roof as they could be used as pathways for rodents to get into your homes. Drainage pipes can also be used, so it is best to cut then several inches above the ground or wrap the open ends with a metal guard to prevent their entry.

No Leftover Food

You should not leave any leftover food out in the open. The main reason why rodents stick around is the availability of food. The next time you shop online, be sure to include some rat-proof containers for storing all of your food supplies. By using online shops voucher codes, you’ll be able to get special discounts on your purchases.

Be sure to throw away your trash daily as well. The bottom line is you have to eliminate the incentive of rats going inside your house.