Nothing shatters the tranquility of your homes more completely than by discovering that some form of infestation has already taken place. You might have discovered it at its early stage, but with the discovery, seeds of doubt have already been planted deep in your mind. You’ll inevitably be asking “What if there are still other pest infestations still waiting to be discovered?”

But fret not. Our company got you covered.

Our company has been in the control business for the past ten years. With this experience, believe us when we say that we’ve seen worst cases than your minor emergency at home. That means that yes, we can say we will be able to solve your pest problem. We’ve done it countless times before.

Maintaining your homes pest-free is a passion ingrained in our core. Since pests can strike anytime, just dial our 24-hour hotline for any emergencies at home. Our friendly operations are ready to help and will even be able to give you the first step you need to do whatever the situation.

Rats, mice or any unwanted rodents for that matter, termites, snakes and even wasps are all within our range of expertise. If you want to handle the problem on your own, we will still be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate course of action to take in dealing with a particular pest issue. The best part is that our advice is free; we only charge you with the pest control products you buy from our stores. We even maintain stock for high tech products such as the ultrasonic mouse repellent deemed as the latest in rat control.